Goat Bios
"it's all about the goats"...

Bobbie Sox has been a princess all her life. This is her kid fleece ! Can you guess why she was thusly named ?? She just needs some saddle shoes and a "poodle skirt", right ?! Her one-of-a-kind kid fleece won best of show at SAFF in 2016.

Sherwin Williams takes his name from the paint bucket he musta stepped into
on the way out ? He was born in the spring of '16 to Snippet, sired by Klondike.
He can most often be found in the back pasture playing with his sibs & is beloved !

Pixie is my greeter goat !
She's covered in luscious, lustrous, long white locks which I dye every color
of the rainbow. In the spring of '16 as a 1st-time mama, she gave birth to a fabulous big black boy, Jeter and rose dutifully & beautifully to the occasion. Her locks are of particular value to me & I dye them in nearly any color of the rainbow !

Meet Klondike -- a most precious young yearling buck I brought in for the fall of '15. He stayed for about six weeks, had alot of fun with my girls and sired nine gorgeous kids this past spring -- a real lover boy is he. 

My beloved ol' Copper, was the matriarch at 14 years young; she died in August.
She's forever my sweetheart and gave me countless lovely kids. Surely, she has proven herself to be the 'mother of all mothers'. 2 yrs ago, she got herself thru a fence, enjoyed a 1-night stand with Mr. Wright and totally surprised me with the sweetest little doe kid, Darlin' Daisy. Oh, that infectious Copper smile !

This is Cindy Lou Who, another little princess, born to Copper in '16.
This is her headshot for her pedigree papers, glorious-ness ! She wormed her way into my heart in a matter of minutes, but remains best-of-all friends with her mama and most always chooses to hang with her in the pasture for hours on end. 

Eli is one of my All-Time Faves, born in 2016 to Tootsie, sired by Klondike.
He's been wethered and is a source of un-ending long, white lustrous locks.  As a kid, he distinguished himself by imagining himself to be my very own little boy kid.


Also born in the spring of '16, Oreo was one of those kids whose name
came to me immediately, you're likely not wondering why.... Along with one of his siblings, he was wethered & sold -- they live a good life together not far from here !


Barney, born in '16 at just barely over 5 lbs to Artie, along with his much bigger twin brother, this little guy begged extra attention from the get-go, partly because he is just so damn cute. As a yearling, he was ill and succeeded without trying too hard to convince me that he needed to live in the wash room downstairs all winter.There he thrived well & continues to be a slightly spoiled (& very photogenic !) boy.