My goats and I are always happy to meet and greet you
just about any day of the week in Barnardsville, 
only about 20 minutes north of Asheville, NC. 

Marcia Kummerle, Owner

Good Fibrations is a one woman multi-faceted mohair fiber-based business.  I raise Colored and Color Factored White Angora Goats in the mountains of Western North Carolina. My Angora goat passion started in Pagosa Springs, CO.  When I needed an agricultural status for my land, I saw this as the opportunity to have the Angora goats I had been longing for !  My original thought was to shear the goats and sell their mohair to warehouses in TX. While I was acquiring unregistered white Angora Goats from local ranchers, I encountered and purchased several black does, a lovely silver-blue doe and a black buck.  My enchantment with colored goats was immediate !  However, with the fair trade laws changing, the wholesale market for mohair plummeted and in order to keep the goats, I needed to find a value-added market for their fiber. This seemingly small shift started me on a journey into the world of fiber arts that has not ceased to amaze and delight me !

Life changed, as it will, and I moved back to North Carolina, bringing with me seven pregnant colored does, my black buck, one guard llama, my horse & a Shetland pony, two dogs and my cat.  Within two weeks, the does kidded and the goat population more than doubled !

I began experimenting with different mills for processing the mohair into yarn…and then to explore which wools would be best suited for blending with the mohair.  Good Fibrations now produces worsted and bulky weight yarn of prime Good Fibrations’s mohair blended with South Dakota-grown Merino wool for knitters and weavers. Some of the yarn is left in natural colors while most of it is kettle-dyed and/or hand-painted. Good Fibrations’ signature dye recipes and colorways are a reflection of my adventures and my delight in the natural beauty around me. 

Mohair is lustrous in natural colors; dyeing mohair gives it a halo-like appearance.  Playing with the colors and blends of fibers also led to the creation of Good Fibrations roving of prime Mohair, Alpaca and Corriedale wool for spinners, knitters and felting artists -- as well a wide selection of both natural and hand-dyed locks for spinners, felters and doll-makers !

 Good Fibrations, though my business name, is a tight-knit family.  I live in the former hay loft of a lil 'ole-timey' barn.  My dye studio and yarn shop are at ground level. My goats also live in part of the downstairs as well as in several shelters out in the pastures.  They are not just the source of shimmering mohair but part of my family !  Keeping the goats when the mohair market collapsed meant finding ‘value added’ ways to market my mohair which has changed the course of my life.  As much as I enjoy the fiber arts portion of Good Fibrations, nothing makes me happier than those rare moments that find me sitting out in the pasture enjoying the company of my goat family.  The rhythm of farm work, feeding and caring for the goats makes my heart sing !  It's all about the goats....