Poncho has at long last been born -- the last kid of the 2018 season, a lovely and loving big boy of 8.2 lbs born to Latifa, her last baby. He's practically a replica of last year's Finn. Latifa loves him so and gave him a non-stop bath for the first three hours of his life. I can't begin to describe his color and luster with words here !


Welcome Sammy Jim, the first-born of the 2018 season, to Artie, along with his twin sister, Ida Rose, below.  Sammy weighed in at a healthy 7.2 lbs, was up in no time flat, very eager to nurse and promptly had a good time out in the sunshine !



 And here is Ida Rose, still damp but already devoted to her sweet mama, Artie -- and rearing to get started with her sweet little life !  She was a mere 4.6 lbs
but gained half a pound with each daily of her daily weighings that first week !


Two weeks later, Choco arrives -- a yummy sort of drinkable color and an
equally yummy disposition. Snippet, mama extraordinaire, delivered him smoothly
at 7+ lbs and then Choco's even bigger twin brother with relative ease, as below !


Here's Latte, obviously -- as soon as Snippet had just about dried off his curls, I named him, no hesitation. A robust 8 lbs, he could instantly boss around his bro, well kinda ! His coloring is indescribable, unless you just happen to having a latte :) 


Meet Finn (2017) ! He's only an hour old here -- a gorgeous redhead, born to Latifa  weighing a full 10 lbs, record setting on Good Fibrations Farm.  Finn was instantly a favorite with many of my visitors, always the first to greet them at the fence line !


Also quite memorable in 2017 was the unexpected arrival of Darlin' Daisey, born
to the  lovely old matriarch of my flock, Copper.  As it turns out, she'd managed a brief 1-night stand with Mr. Wright the prior fall and carried this lovely little being unbeknownst to me, never giving herself away and delivering entirely on her own !



These two boys of Artie's (2017) have been a delight. Here they are just minutes after both getting their legs under themselves -- Buddy and Barney @ 6 lbs and 5.4 respectively.  Barney was slow to nurse and appreciated just a bit of colostrum from a bottle at first, then figured it out & managed his own fair share in no time.



 Here we have Darlin' Elsie playing with her pasture-mate Darlin' Daisy in the spring of '17. Born to Katie, she was blessed with these adorable white splotches on her side & all four hooves -- she's a real standout, especially on shearing days ! 


Meet Jeter -- stunning little/big boy born to first time mom, Pixie, at a hefty 9.2 lbs. He's destined to become the alpha male, despite his being promptly castrated, as are all my boys.  Day-to-day life on the farm is easier with no testosterone ! 


I guess by now u are realizing the plethora of fine black boys that were born spring of 2017 -- meet Wilbur and Orville, born at the end of April to Blackberry and sired by Mr. Wright. Finally, Blackberry delivered in the barn smoothly during a riotous downpour. They each found a teat & then wandered over to my lap for the duration of the storm. This first-time mama was glad for some time to consider the miracle !